Planning your session


M.M.Photography is not a high volume studio. I take a limited number of sessions per season. Space is limited, so please call and schedule your session as soon as possible. I am invested in you, my client, and I strive hard to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations. In order to better serve you, I need to be aware of your needs, and what you are looking for from the session, so we will do an over the phone consultation. If for some reason, I'm not the right photographer for you, I'm happy to recommend other options in the area.


Wardrobe selection, can be a daunting undertaking, I know. There is no need to go on a shopping spree, check your closet first--mix and match pieces that are already part of your wardrobe--sometimes the results will surprise you! Select color tones and patterns that go well together. You don't want everyone in uniform--doing so, takes away from showcasing individuality in your portraits. Simplicity is key. We want the portrait to be about you and your family, and not about the clothing. If you have any questions, or are unsure about an outfit, feel free to text me a quick snapshot for some feedback.

I'd say that TOPS are probably the most important aspect of your wardrobe selection, and where you want to select things that "go well together", avoiding uniformity: Here are two ways to approaching this:

1. Pick a general color, and carry that through to everyone. Mix it up with tones and

textures in the same color.

2. Find a top that mom or sister really likes, one that has pattern and/or several colors

within it, build around it.

Mix up the styles of tops to match each individual%u2019s personality. Choose from button up shirts, polos, v-necks, crew necks, dress, blouse, long sleeve, short sleeve, jackets, etc, etc.

Now let's talk about something a bit easier...BOTTOMS! ([pants/skirts/shorts/capris]! This is the area where you want uniformity Select neutrals, and keep everyone's bottoms in the same tone. For example, light khaki, dark khaki, dark denim, lightwash, etc, etc. I don't recommend mixing it up here, it will detract from the final image.

As far as shoes, I tend to gravitate toward barefeet portraits, but if you prefer shoes, make sure to keep everyone in the same color.

and of course, don't forget the accessories! I like to say "accessorize and personalize". The options are endless. Choose from scarves, belts, hats, earrings, ties, necklaces, belts, etc, etc.