After Your Session

The exciting part of your session is here, and that is your VIEWING/SALES session. Generally, two weeks after your actual portrait session, we will meet so that you can view your images, select your favorites and place your portrait order. Viewing/Proofing sessions are not done on Saturday or Sundays.


You've had an idea all along of what you would like to do with the images that we capture, whether it's display them in a customized book, or select a few to fill a beautiful image box, or select a few to print large and display on your walls. Now is the time, to look for specific places on the wall where you would like those beautiful large prints to reside i.e. over the mantle, in baby's room, in your room, hallway, over the buffet, etc etc. Then I recommend you measure the space so that together we can figure out print sizes that would display beautfiully in those spaces--the last thing you want is to order a print that is too small or too large for the space you have in mind. In fact, the software that I use for the sales session allows me the ability to display for you what the print sizes will look like on your wall Send me a snapshot of the places you are thinking of as possible locations for your images, make sure to tape a standard sheet of print paper (size 8.5x11) on the wall so that I have reference point for size and can show you the images true to size for the space. If you have any questions about this, plesae call the studio.

Also, take a few moments to make a list (mental if not on paper) of gift/small prints that you don't want to forget to order, i.e. for grandparents, aunts, uncles, your office etc etc.

And last but not least, look over the pricing once again. M.M.Photography recognizes portrait work is an investment, and therefore recommends that all involved in the decision process and financial decisions be present at the Viewing/Sales Session.


This is the challenging, BUT worthwhile part of the process...selecting your favorites and placing your print order. Challenging, because if I've done my job right you will LOVE each image and want to take them all home with you!! Worthwhile because at the end of this session you will have made decisions, ordered the images that you absolutely LOVE and in two weeks time have the actual prints home and ready to display!


Your proofing/sales session will kick off with a beautiful slideshow showcasing the images from your session. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

After the slideshow we will go through and narrow down your selections. We will go through the images one by one and you will put them in three different piles,

LOVE (gotta have right now),

LIKE (you like the image but are not sure you want it right away),

LET IT GO (not your favorite image and not one you want in the pool).

Once we have narrowed down to your absolute favorites, we can start talking about what you want to do with those images--wall portrait size, small prints and sizes, collages/storyboard, etc, etc. I know it seems overwhelming, but I'm here to help and walk you through the process. You will not be doing this alone :)